In-house Marketing Enhancement

You may have a good in-house marketing team. But more often, it so happens that a good team without proper strategy and an effective process is as good as not having a team at all. In fact, if the team is not put to use properly, it only increases the overhead of the company.

Our experts can assess the capabilities and the short falls of your present team and marketing process and suggest needed improvement wherever required. With strategic advice and putting together all the necessary processes and tools, our experts can guide your in-house team and drive it for the desired growth.

Our process includes     

  • Evaluating effectiveness of present marketing team/ process
  • Identifying your present marketing bottle neck
  • Putting proper marketing tools/ processes in place
  • Streamlining marketing process and workflow for better effectiveness
  • Training the in-house marketing team for better performance
  • Creating Marketing collateral and presentation materials
  • Certifications required for better brand value
  • Registrations into Government and major private tendering portals
  • Online sales/ e-Commerce


  • Improved marketing effectiveness
  • Improved sales
  • Increase in profit
  • Better market presence
  • Better valuation and market capitalization