About Us

Iris Prosper team has experts with more than 30 years of  global and domestic corporate work experience, running own businesses, brand building and scaling up of existing business. We have put together a panel of broad minded and service oriented individuals with extensive experience in various fields of business management, operations, marketing, branding and training.

Iris Prosper strongly believes in its motto, “Together we Prosper”. Our aim and primary focus is not just to make profits, but, we take this initiative because of our passion for serving and being part of others success. By sharing our experience and knowledge, we will be able to contribute to the striving business partners and in turn, indirectly participate in generating more job opportunities, creating a wealthy society,  and promoting the well being of individuals and organizations.

Our business model is to prosper “together”. Hence our engagement model is in such a way that you will not be burdened with huge upfront investments. We work on a success fee model, where, your investments will be kept to bare minimum just to cover our costs. We charge a a nominal percentage on revenues as it grows, and you pay only after you make your profit. This model is a win-win for both and is designed for mutual benefit.

We are open for both short and long term engagements, with 100% mutual consent for guidance and consultation for assured return on your investment.